Saturday, 27 April 2013

Beautiful Face Workshop by WEVents

We were honoured to be one of the door gift sponsors to the Beautiful Face workshop given by The Body Shop via WEVents.  It was a fun and casual workshop where every participant was given some tips for makeup.  We were happy to meet up with popular beauty bloggers like Tammy Lim, Jess Lee and others.

Trivia:  The Body Shop products are never tested on animals. Love the quote: Choose Cruelty-Free Beauty!

The workshop was conducted by Haslinda and Ann from The Body Shop. They are both funny and lovely J.  It was as if we were back to school (Awh, we miss the moments in school!).


     Haslinda applying makeup on a beautiful volunteer J

 We all stayed focused while they were doing the demo.

The most exciting part was the small makeup challenge where ladies were asked to self-makeup within 15minutes (Owh! It’s impossible!). We silently did our makeup and as time went by, the more nerve-wrecking it got.

The host made a last 10 seconds countdown and we bet there must be someone screaming silently.  Two among the beautiful ladies will be voted and win Body Shop Hampers.  They finally went to Angeline and Gwen as they have skillfully applied their makeup and also due to their high popularity.  Not all is lost for the others as every participant got a doorgift.

The doorgift includes Worthy Book vouchers as well as a moisturizing product sample sponsored by LipIce.

Worthy Book Ladies standing by the wall deco partly done by Tammy Lim!

For future events by WEVents, check out  Also do not forget to like our FB page and grab a copy of Ladies Edition!     

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