Thursday, 9 May 2013

Melissachens Skincare HQ Office Opening

Despite the rain, it did not deter the guests and media from attending Melissachens Skincare’s HQ office opening on 13 April 2013. 

All attendees were given a goodie bag, packed with a RM50 cash voucher, a skincare product, 2 towels and product brochures. 

At about 12 noon, the lovely Yi-Wen (emcee) invited the company’s founder, Melissa Chen to give her speech.   Melissa Chen is one with lots of passion in what she does best – Skincare.    This was followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony by the directors.  

We were then given a tour around the office.  It is an impressive building with 3 storeys incorporating a state of the art warehouse, demo room, presentation room, spa room etc.  This was followed by a presentation by Melissa Chen explaining Melissachens Skincare’s difference from other beauty brands, its R&D technology in Switzerland together with testimonials from happy customers, including a cute 10 year old Eurasian kid called Sam and finally a lucky draw session. 

Last but not least, after a sumptuous lunch, attendees were given a complimentary facial session! (hooray!)

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