Thursday, 6 June 2013

Worthy Book Team: Elaine

a.      Where & what subject do you study?
I'm from KBU International College, B.A. (Hons) Graphic Design course.

b.      What do you do at Worthy Book?
I was given the tasks of creating template layouts for clients of the F&B Edition and designing ads for print and web for the Ladies Edition.

c.      How was the interview like?
It was a friendly, 'short and sweet' interview where I was briefed on the company profile and general services of Worthy Book.  Thankfully the interview was not as tense as what I would have initially thought out to be and it had me looking forward to working at Worthy Book after the interview was over.

d.      What have your learnt at Worthy Book?
I have learnt how to enhance designs for advertising better by looking at it from the clients’/consumers’ point of view, what attracts the public and the like. 

e.      What do you like most about working at Worthy Book?
Comfortable working environment, friendly staff and able to share ideas, opinions and tips openly. Apart from that I have gained more knowledge on certain computer programs that relate to the making of the designs.

f.        What are your favourite brands in Worthy Book Ladies Edition?
Baleno, Treats, Himalaya, Color Culture & Sinma (mostly the accessories & clothes brands)

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