Monday, 21 October 2013

Decleor - Aromatic Ritual Workshop

Decleor Mid Valley 2nd Floor
We booked for a FREE Aromatic Ritual Workshop session with Decleor using our voucher from Worthy Book Ladies Edition.  When we arrived, the beautician asked us to have a sit and fill up our particulars, and she served us ginger tea and a hot towel.

My personal particulars.
Ginger tea & hot towel.
After we have filled up everything, Priya was the first to do their free 30 minutes My Aromatic Ritual workshop.

Skin check first to determine what type of skin you have before proceeding to the next step.
After skin check, the beautician will then teach you how to use their product. (Workshop time!)
Introduce all the products.
You can personally try all the products.
The beautician will teach you how to do it.
Apply them onto your face.
This is so interesting! =D
Then you wipe them away by using cotton pad.
She also taught Priya how to massage from face to neck.
And which points and areas to press on your face.
And also samples for you to try at home!
Wow!  The Decleor workshop was a great experience. They taught us how to and massage our face, how to use their products and so on.

Thanks to Worthy Book, my friends and I had a fun day at Decleor.

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