Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Last week we visited Ecoparadise at The Gardens, located on the 5th floor.

Outlook of the outlet.
You have to remove your shoes before you step in.
We redeemed the free antioxidant hotbed therapy from Worthy Book, the ladies edition. Trust me, it is absolutely free!

The counter where you need to register yourself first.
The lady was kind enough to show us the place around inside.

Nice table near the counter.
The locker.
You can put your personal stuffs inside while doing your therapy.
Leaving personal belongings inside.
All ready for the hotbed therapy! =D
This is the room where hotbed therapy is conducted. All you need to do is lay inside there for 40minutes.

Warm water.
Overview of the lounge

The awesome views
After 40 minutes, we proceeded to the resting room. Our face looked red and sweating. And so the lady served us a small cup of dragon fruit enzyme made by them.

It is good for our body!
Enjoying the enzyme drink after the 40 minutes hotbed therapy.

 It was a new and interesting experience for us and we felt very good and healthy (sweated out all the toxins) after the session and we definitely will be back again for more!


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