Monday, 5 August 2013

Jojoba Spa – Hand Paraffin Treatment

Jojoba Spa entrance
The environment is nice, clean and filled with fragrant smell which makes their customers feel very relaxed and comfortable once they step in. I would personally rate their environment 9/10.

VIP waiting room
Before the treatment started, I was asked to be seated and wait in their VIP room while waiting for the machine to heat up.
After about 15mins later, the hand paraffin treatment started.

The machine that melts the candle
View from top
The steel inside the machine is hot thus it melts the candle into liquid form.  After that, I dipped my hands into the candle liquid but avoided touching the steel inside.

My hands were waxed by the nice aromatic smell of the candle. After that, a pair of transparent plastic gloves was used to wrap both hands so as to make the wax dry quickly.

Then a lady actually massaged my hands as well as fingers. I loved the feeling! It was so nice and relaxing. After the massage, she peeled off the glove as well as the wax and eventually the results were smoother and moisturized hands compared to before.

Besides all the spa treatment, Jojoba Spa provides nail art design service for customers who wish to have beautiful and special designed nails.

We received FREE Aromatherapy Bath Salt

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