Monday, 19 August 2013

Kim Gary

Kim Gary’s menu is based on Hong Kong culture, with the best combination of Chinese + Western influences.

The exterior of Sunway Pyramid Kim Gary outlet
Let the staff get you a good seat.
When I stepped in, I saw the customers were enjoying their meal.
Nice interior with neat arrangement of tables and chairs.
After sitting down, it’s time to order my meal.
It is very easy to order the food, just tick on the form provided.

After a short time (they are very efficient!!!), the food is here! The smell is so nice it wakes up my appetite and the taste is even better to make my day!

Kim Gary Free Meal from Worthy Book - WORTHY Western Platter 

If you like Hong Kong and Western fusion cuisine, Kim Gary is your best choice! With Worthy Book, you can get many good deals at Kim Gary. Besides, there are many other yummylicious brands inside the book. For more information, please visit

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