Friday, 16 August 2013


Have you ever tried Mr Siew Bao before? Trust me, their bakeries are really fresh and tasty!

You can also choose to dine there if you want to.

Yummylicious and wide array of pastries (Polo Buns, Curry Puffs, Egg Tarts, Portuguese Egg Tarts, Loh Poh Beng & even Vegetarian Siew Baos)!

Cookies <3

Thanks to Worthy Book, I manage to get free half dozen of Siew Baos when I purchased one dozen of it.

If you love to eat Siew Bao then you should come to Mr Siew Bao for the freshly baked Siew Bao… And don’t forget to get a copy of Worthy Book FnB Edition so that you can enjoy discounts at Mr. Siew Bao, ideal for your family, friends or colleagues!

Overall look of the Southgate outlet.

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