Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Papa John’s Pizza - Better Ingredients, Better Pizza

Speaking of Pizza, what’s on your mind? Cheese, Tomatoes, Seafood, Ham, Vegetables and….Yummy! This time, I brought a copy of Worthy Book FnB Edition and went to Papa John’s Pizza. Papa John’s Pizza offesr a wide selection of pizza to customers, and what’s even better is you can get a pizza at ½ price with Worthy Book FnB Edition this year!

Papa John’s Pizza outlet
Papa John’s slogan: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza
The interior of Papa John’s Pizza: The brick walls and lighting make it a very nice place to chill out.

After settling down, it’s time to order pizza to make my day even wonderful!

A yummy 12’ inch Pizza together with SUPERB sauce.
With Worthy Book, I got 50% discount for my pizza!
After I had the best pizza in town, I felt very satisfied ^_^

I only paid RM20++ for this meal, it’s really worth it!
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