Monday, 12 August 2013


On 2nd and 3rd July 2013, UCSI University celebrated their 2nd Applied Science Week organized by Faculty of Applied Science. The event consists of two sub events which are ‘Wow Food Fair’ and ‘Biotech Showcase’.

The president gave his opening speech.
Our booth and lovely team!
After a while, we got groups of ladies visiting our booth.

More UCSI students.
Since it was a Food Fair day therefore there were many food booths located around our booth. FYI, all the food booths were handled by USCI students and they were having a food-booth-competition to see which booth had the most sales at the end of the day.  Some booths had very creative and unique names (scroll down to see)!

Mango Te-Ballo
Lapate Desoja
Delly O’ Juice
Apart from the food booths at UCSI, they also had many other sponsor booths during the two-day event.

Sushi King
Etude House
On the second day, due to word of mouth, more and more crowds headed to our booth. =)

Second day.
And also in the afternoon, the Rumah Shalom kids came to visit UCSI University for lunch.

Rumah Shalom kids. 
Around 3.30pm they had the lucky draw session and prizes to be given to the most popular booth of the day.

Lucky draw winner
(Note the Ladies Edition was given as a prize!)
Last but not least, we would like to thank our sponsors – XOX, Mister Potato, Monliza Wedding Castle and also to all UCSI University staffs and students.

XOX, Mister Potato and 2GB pendrives
UCSI student with one of our buntings.
UCSI students with the Ladies Edition stand.
UCSI students with Worthy Book.
The handsome DJ for the two days event.
We really had a fun and great day at UCSI. THANK YOU (and Mok!) FOR SUPPORTING US AT OUR BOOTH!!!

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