Friday, 6 December 2013



Thanks to Worthy Book FnB Edition, I get to enjoy “buy 1 FREE 1 pizza” at House.

Awesome deals at House from Worthy Book!  
Psst ~~~ they cater to Pasta lovers too!
This is soooooo tasty!!! =D 
The upper one was filled with tasty Satay Chicken Chunks and the lower one was complete with nutritious salmon pieces.
Love the exotic drinks with the long glass design.
To be honest, I really like the environment here. I would say the decorations there are contemporary and comfortable with a heavy emphasis on wood usage. It is the best place to have your meals and chillax after that.

The uber chic interior.
Am lovin’ this!
The view next to my seat shows the bar outside
All in all, my friends and I had an enjoyable night at House.  Strongly recommended if you are looking for GREAT food & GREAT environment!

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