Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Where is the best place to get authentic Siew Baos outside Seremban?  That’s right – Mr. Siew Bao!!!

Mr. Siew Bao outlet
I love their pastries and biscuits. The way they bake their pastries. And their biscuits are crispy and tasty.

Pastries (sandwiches, tarts) in their shop.
More pastries… (tarts, lou poh peng, polo bun etc)
Biscuits (nougats, hup toh soh, etc)
Thanks to Worthy Book FnB Edition 2013-2014, I’m privileged to Buy 12 free 6 at Mr. Siew Bao.  It’s a MUST HAVE book for foodies! If you don’t have one, hurry up and grab a copy at any bookstores only at RM29.90!

Buy 1 dozen free half dozen Siew Bao.

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