Thursday, 6 February 2014

BreadTalk - Talking the bread language

‘Come round ye gents and fair ladies, for we bear news of talking bread!’ 
 This is how people would probably introduce BreadTalk in ancient times. Ha :)
 Modern translation: Hey guys and gals, lets BreadTalk!

You can put away your sword, shining armour and GPS because your quest for delicious bread is complete in BreadTalk. BreadTalk has brought about a renaissance in the world of bread. BreadTalk takes bread to a different height with new, creative and innovative bread recipes, always freshly baked, delicious and healthy! :)

With Worthy Book’s FnB edition 2013-2014, join in on BreadTalk’s revolutionary bread culture and enjoy awesome deals while you’re at it!

Check out their homey, stylish interior and mouth-watering, yummy bread! 

BreadTalk’s delights - a wide range of bread, buns and pastries. Yummmmm! (See how long that ‘Yum’ was? That’s how delicious it is!)

Warm, freshly-baked bread waiting for you, and bread trays for your convenience ;)

Some of BreadTalk’s must-tries are the chicken flosss, Japan light cheese cake, I-kan bilis and baguette. Their delicious recipes cater to sweet-tooths and savoury-buffs alike! :)

With Worthy Book’s FnB edition, you’ll be able to enjoy 15% OFF the bill for cakes (whole & Slice, not including dry cake and sweet bun). 

We’ll let the cakes do the talking:

Indulge in BreadTalk’s rich cakes: Tiramisu, Black Forest, Mango Empire, Macha Macha, Boston Chocolate, just to name a few!

BreadTalk’s friendly and experienced staff decorating a very delicious chocolate cake

15% off this cake with our Worthy Book voucher! ;)

You can find BreadTalk at Pavilion, Mid Valley and The Mines. You’ll know you’re there as soon as you inhale the smell of delicious baking bread :)
Bring about your very own renaissance in your food choices with Worthy Book! Check us out here at:


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