Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Kee’s Creampuffs - Sincere baking for sincerely sweet cravings

It’s always a delightful feeling when you dig into your food, and know that it was made with lots of effort and love. Always wondered why mom’s cooking tastes so good? ;) 

Well, we love having that feeling and we’d like to share that love! Friends, you’ve got to check out Kee’s Creampuffs!

Kee’s Creampuffs is a family-run bakery, where they turned their passion, hobbies and dreams into reality by delighting many with their delectable, delicious creampuffs. True to their tagline ‘Sincere baking at its best!’, the Kee’s Creampuffs family puts all their heart into baking their sweet treats. 

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Kee’s Creampuffs homey outlet at Subang

Kee’s Creampuffs offers a wonderful range of delicious, different-flavoured creampuffs and cakes, all home-made! Some of their must-tries are their Classic Creampuffs (made with their very own secret recipe), Durian Creampuffs (100% pure, thick, creamy durian goodness) and their premium Chocolate Banana Creampuffs (chocolate blend with banana chunks)! So so so good!

But really, every sweet treat on their menu are must-tries! Check out their yummy menu below, and you’ll know what we mean! ;)

Is the sweet-tooth in you feeling the love? Coz we are! Oh yeah.

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  • FREE 4 pcs Durian Creampuffs (worth RM10) upon buying a box of 25 creampuffs 
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