Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Life @ Worthy Book - Internships!

This is what Worthy Book's interns think about their internships :) 

Xander Chong

My stint with Worthy Media has been a rewarding corporate experience!

Ashwini Adeivets

Interning at Worthy Book has allowed me to obtain various knowledge & experiences in such a short time. Besides that, I am glad that I am able to use and put into practice of whatever I have learnt in college throughout this internship period. I have also managed to brush up on my communication skills through the roadshows that I have taken part in during this internship. Overall, interning here was really fun and worth the time.

Emest Lee

Working at Worthy Book is special for me, I can get to learn things that I can’t learn from school, and can get to know friends from different colleges and unis, and I can get to know more brands and outlets out there. The other thing that I feel special about Worthy Book is, I can even work from home without going to office sometimes and that is awesome!

Jun Wan Goh

The friendly work environment and interesting job scope has definitely made working at Worthy Media a great experience for me. I am glad I could be part of the wonderful Worthy Media team.

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All worth it, and more with Worthy Book - we look forward to hearing from you! :)

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