Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sinma - The fashion destination for every girl

Staying pretty is no easy task. As a girl myself, I have to confess that it’s a lot of hard work. And when I think I need a pretty boost up, Sinma is my first stop. It has almost everything I’m looking for - costume jewellery, hair and fashion accessories, cosmetics, toiletries, gift; you name it!  

I remember browsing in Sinma’s stores as a little girl, and it’s still the same refreshing experience for me now. It’s amazing; from a small shop in Kuala Lumpur in 1986, Sinma has since grown into more than 50 corporate and franchise outlets! 

Recently, my colleagues and I had lots of fun buying some accessories from Sinma and sharing them among the whole team! Got great discounts too with Worthy Book’s Ladies Edition! :)

We bought hairbands, scrunchies, jewellery bracelets and really cute rings!
Check out my share of the goodies below ;) 

My lovely goodies from Sinma: Hairband, bracelet and rings!

As for the cute rings we bought, everyone on the team got a ring which best portrays who they are! :) As we put our team rings together for a group shot, we couldn’t stop smiling and giggling over it haha! All in all, it made an awesome memory.

Our team rings!

With Ladies Edition, we got to enjoy 20% discount on hair accessories, 30% discount on costumer jewelleries plus RM5 Cash Voucher with purchase of RM20 & above! 

And when I purchase RM50 & above, I still have my RM10 Cash Voucher! :) Gonna use it soon! ;) 

Sinma is definitely true to their tagline, “making every girl pretty” - that’s how I feel every time I stop by their store.  For more info, check Worthy Book out at :)

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