Friday, 14 February 2014

The Beaubelle Experience - a happy costumer shares!

Beaubelle specializes in facial and body spa treatments, promising full rejuvenation through their 4Rs principles - Spring: Renew, Summer: Revive, Autumn: Rebalance & Winter: Relax. 

Their objective remains simple, yet true to their cause - to be a sanctuary where guests can discover and harmonize their ‘Body, Mind & Soul’. Their products and services cater to both women, and men too! Its name “Beaubelle” completely accentuates that - “Beau” means handsome man, while “Belle” means beautiful woman. Beaubelle gives body, mind and soul harmony with no gender bias :)

Beaubelle outlet at Starhill Gallery

Beaubelle outlet interior

Beaubelle products

Below, a happy customer shares the Beaubelle facial experience, using Worthy Book Ladies Edition’s ‘50% OFF any treatment from Beaubelle’s menu’ - saves up to RM175!

“It's awesome!  What a great feeling I had. Totally speechless. First time receiving and really satisfied with the entire treatment. I'm so pampered from beginning till the end. Before the treatment began, I needed to soak my feet into warm water. At the same time, the lady staff massaged my back shoulder. Wow! What a great feeling.

Beaubelle treatment room - Nice and cozy ambience!

The lady staff was good. I guess she has lots of experience in doing facials. Really made my face very nice! She used stem cells and Epidermal Growth Factor - this is for Ageless face treatment. The lady also massaged my shoulder before walking out from the room.

After treatment, I felt very nice. I also felt that my face was smooth, shinning and younger. Even my colleagues were so surprised and said, “Wow! Looking good!” 

I stepped out from the shop with a happy face & happy ending. So far this is the best facial treatment I ever experienced.”

Other Ladies Edition deals you’ll be able to enjoy at Beaubelle are:

  • FREE classic eye treatment (worth RM75) for the purchase of RM180 pro-treatment facial of 80 mins 
  • 33% OFF @ RM350 for Chocolate Indulgence Body Wrap (worth RM525/125 mins) 
  •  FREE 1 Eye treatment (worth RM75) for any purchase of Home Care Eye Products.

For more information, check Worthy Book out at!

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