Monday, 3 March 2014

Kee’s Creampuffs - Double the goodness (Now at Bangsar too!)

Dear friends, have you heard the great news? 

You can now fulfil your creampuff cravings at Kee’s Creampuffs’ new outlet in Bangsar! :)
As always, the Kee’s Creampuff’s family delights many with their delicious and delectable sweet treats - made sincerely, with much love. Now with their second outlet in Bangsar, that’s double the goodness!

P.S: Worthy Book’s FnB edition 2013 - 2014 vouchers are still effective, so you can use the vouchers at Kee’s Creampuffs, Bangsar too!
Check out their sweet outlet:

Kee’s Creampuffs at Bangsar (12A, Jalan Telawi 5, Off Jalan Maarof, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Puchong)

Tucked inside a shop selling musical instruments, you might be confused at first! But worry not, because your sweet haven is there - just 22 steps up and away! ;)   

I’m already in love! ;)

Kee’s Creampuffs offers creamy creampuffs of different flavours (durian, chocolate banana, green tea and many more!), home-made cakes and to round it up, coffee, tea and juices :) 

Have a look at their menu:

Looking at the menu in person would be more awesome, wouldn’t it? ;)

Kee’s Creampuff’s delectable creampuffs and cakes! Yummmmm!

With Worthy Book’s FnB edition 2013 - 2014, you can enjoy awesome deals like 10% OFF a box of creampuffs + FREE 3 pcs Classic Creampuffs!

Glorious creampuffs!

I want to live happily together with all these creampuffs. In this box.

Ok. So, I’m just going to close this up, take this home... bye! :D

Other awesome deals you’ll be able to enjoy: 

  • 10% OFF a box of 10 creampuffs + FREE 2 pcs of Premium Creampuffs 
  • FREE 4 pcs Durian Creampuffs (worth RM10) upon buying a box of 25 creampuffs
  • UNLIMITED BUY4 FREE 1 Durian Creampuffs (e.g. Buy 4 Free 1, Buy 20 Free 5)
You can find Kee’s Creampuffs at Subang and Bangsar. Check out their Facebook page for their locations, contacts, and info of their delicious sweet treats!
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