Monday, 31 March 2014

Kenko - Nibble away, fish!

Kenko reflexology and spa offers the most unique spa treatment in town - fish spa therapy!

Their fish spa treatment involves thousands of little fish nibbling away scaly dead skin from your feet, as you relax in the aesthetically beautiful and calming environment Kenko provides. 

And what a treat to be able to enjoy a FREE trial for Kenko Fish Spa Treatment (worth RM38) with Worthy Book Ladies Edition! :)


Kenko reflexology and spa outlet at Pavilion - So serene and peaceful!


Before starting, we have to wash our feet with a special scrub first. Got to make sure that our feet are ready for the fish, after all! ;)


After washing our feet, we can proceed straight away to the fish spa - a beautiful, wide-spaced environment with mini ponds, and an amazing view of the town.

As soon as you dip your feet in, hundreds of fish start their work!


These fish are called ‘doctor fish’ (really, that’s their name!), and their species have a unique dietary habit of naturally pecking away at dead skin - simultaneously, cleaning your skin! I can’t even begin to describe how awesome that is.

They feel somewhat like mini vibrations, all over your feet. Sure, it feels a little weird at first. But as you go along, it becomes quite enjoyable and relaxing!

Give it a try, it’s a free trial with Worthy Book! ;)



Other Kenko deals you’ll be able to enjoy are:

- 20% off for all services

- FREE one session of Fish Spa treatment (worth RM38) upon purchase of 60 mins Foot Reflexology

- RM50 Birthday treat voucher


All worth it and more, with Worthy Book! Check it out at! :)

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