Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ochado - Bubble milk tea for you and me.

Hi there guys and girls!

Ever heard of the question ‘Coffee, tea or me?’ Three very tempting options (‘me’ depending who it is ), but we’ve managed to narrow it down.  It’s ‘tea’! Ochado’s tea, to be exact! 

With its roots in Japan, Ochado meets fresh, modern flavours while staying true to the art of Japanese tea brewing. Ochado’s unique tea concept really is the essence of what its name means (In Japanese, ‘Ocha’ means ‘tea’, and ‘Chado’ is used to describe the ‘Way of Tea’)  

P.S: Thinking about it, wouldn’t ‘Ochado’ make an awesome ninja movie? ;)
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Ochado’s outlet at Mid Valley

Ochado’s tea comes in tons of flavours, and in different series ranging from premium milk tea to iced lemonade, and more! Some of their must-tries include Ochado Milk Tea with Pearl, Pop Egg Milk Tea, 3Q Passionate Tea and Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea. 

Not only are the teas delicious, but they are super healthy too! They’re made with fresh fruit and ingredients, without any additives and artificial colours.
Check out Ochado’s ice-cool, mouth-watering, delicious tea menu:

Why pick just one awesome flavour? Try as many as you can! Do we hear a ‘Challenge accepted?’ ;)

Ok, so now you have Ochado’s tea on one hand. Do you know what would go well with it on your other hand? 

Ochado’s delectable cakes and pastries, freshly baked every day. Yum!

Ochado’s cakes for your sweet, sweet cravings.

With Worthy Book’s FnB edition 2013 - 2014, you’ll be able to enjoy deals like ‘Buy 3 Free 1 cup’ at Ochado:

Treat your friends and family to Ochado tea with Worthy Book’s coupon!

Other awesome deals you’ll be able to enjoy:
  •  30% OFF for second drink 
  • FREE upsize on second drink
  • RM2 cash voucher for second drink
Ochado is located at Pavilion KL, Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley and many more! So, in the people of Ochado’s own words, ‘ocha shinai?’ (how about some tea?)
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