Thursday, 13 March 2014

Toast Box - ‘Asian delights’, to our delight.

 There are many kinds of journey in life. Journeys which are spurred on by questions we ask ourselves.

“Where is the greatest treasure on earth?”
“What do I want to do when I grow up?”
“How can we improve society’s well-being?”

All these journeys lead to great discoveries.

And of course, “Eh, lets eat local food lah. Where arr?”  
For this journey, you should definitely make Toast Box one of your destination points ;)

Toast Box outlet at 1 Utama

Toast Box’s white-wooded counter - Cozy and Classy!

Speaking as a college student - going on to be a working adult, my friends and I always struggle about ‘where to eat’ and ‘what to eat’. 

Still, Asian flavours are still one of the best for me, and wow - Toast Box really brings all our local favourites together. There’s nasi lemak, karipap (curry puff), Laksa and more. And if you’re there for breakfast or some tea, their must-tries are Nanyang Kopi (coffee) and toast! I recommend either the peanut butter thick toast or traditional kaya toast.



Toast Box’s cakes, swiss rolls and delicious desserts!


Toast Box is a great place to chill out with friends after school or work, just to chat while enjoying something good to eat and drink. 

With Worthy Book’s FnB edition 2013 - 2014, my friend and I enjoyed a FREE barley/ ice lemon tea with our Asian delights! ;)

FREE Barley or Ice Lemon Tea with any purchase of Asian Delights - thanks to Worthy Book’s vouchers!

And it was delicious. Hehe

Check out Worthy Book at - enjoy!

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