Monday, 31 March 2014

TREATS - treat yourself to a fabulous look!

Ladies, if you love fashion, you would love TREATS :)

Fashionwear from head-to-toe, TREATS offers a wide range of stylish collections, amazing denim, fabulous shoes and bags at an affordable price!

Especially if you’re a busy lady, TREATS is the perfect place to pick up everything you need for a complete head-to-toe look, without hassle. Sounds great to me ;)

And with Worthy Book Ladies Edition, you can have a great time shopping at TREATS with awesome deals for you to enjoy!

TREATS outlet - very modern and chic! Awesome display too, if I might add ;)

Once you enter TREATS, you’ll find yourself in a wide, open space filled with all things fashion - from clothes and bags to shoes and accessories!
I stood in awe for a little while at the entrance. Like, I could almost imagine the clothes calling for me to try them on! (No, I’m not crazy!)

With Ladies Edition, you’ll be able to enjoy deals like:
- FREE Yearly Member Card (RM10)
- RM20 for TREATS online purchase (coupon code 3132014)
- 15% OFF for TREATS signature dinner dress/ bags/ accessories/ shoes
- RM20 cash voucher


Get the inner fashionista in you fired up, and make your personal style statement with TREATS! And let that uniqueness be an inspiration to others around you ;)

For more info on Worthy Book, check out !

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