Monday, 31 March 2014

TT Mask - Timeless Truth to good skin

Timeless Truth, or better known as TT Mask, offers a convenient and affordable solution to keep our faces young, smooth and hydrated - all at the comfort of our own homes!

With TT Mask’s facial masks, we can give ourselves facial treats with top rated masks and serums! Their wide selection of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and whitening products help to hydrate skin, smooth fine lines, slough away dead cells and unclog pores.

Available at all MaskSlim outlets, I decided to stop by with Worthy Book Ladies Edition in hand!


Check out the types of masks available!

Wow wow wow! Probably enough masks here to last me a year? ;)
TT Mask’s specialty - functionality masks series

With Ladies Edition, I got 20% off for my masks! Awesome!

Bought TT masks from their functionality mask series and v-shape temptation series!

Just to share some cool info with you, 

TT Mask’s Functionality masks are their specialty! They are a series of 5 colourful masks with special ingredients to address unique needs: Yellow for anti-aging & firming, Pink for anti-wrinkle & negative ion, Blue for moisturising, Green for sensitive skin & acne, and Black for whitening & deep cleansing. I bought green for myself as I have pretty sensitive skin!

As for the V-shape temptation series, it is a 3D mask with extra elastic cotton that helps to achieve the chin lifting effect. Thus, the term ‘v-shape’ ;)

With Ladies Edition, you’re all set to enjoy 20% off for functionality series masks, v-shape temptation series masks, bio-cellulose series masks, plus an extra 20% discount voucher for ALL TT masks! 

So, that’s it for today :) I’m going off to enjoy my masks now hehe! 

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