Saturday, 5 April 2014

Carl’s Jr. - The good kind of messy

Sure, a meal at Carl’s Jr. would probably leave you in a mess - a delicious, juicy, premium quality charbroiled burger of a mess. That’s right, the good kind.
If it leaves you with a little sauce on your shirt, some juice dripped onto your table, and your fingers a little greasy - well folks, that’s what I call a real burger experience. 

Hmm mmm :)

Carl’s Jr. is famous for their charbroiled burgers - they were the first to charbroil over an open flame, which sears the juices and flavour into their great tasting burgers and chicken sandwiches. 


And with Worthy Book FnB edition 2013 - 2014, you’ll be able to enjoy awesome deals along with your yummy burgers at Carl’s Jr.!

With Worthy Book FnB edition, you’ll be able to enjoy deals like:

- FREE small fries with every purchase of Chicken Sandwich

- FREE small beverage with every purchase of Teriyaki Burger (Beef)

- 10% OFF with purchase of any combo meal

- 50% OFF on 2nd purchase of Teriyaki Burger (Beef) with every purchase of Teriyaki Burger (Beef) large combo meal

Sounds awesome? Oh yeah.

P.S: we had a very tasty dinner together at Carl’s Jr. too!

And it was awesome!

We enjoyed our burgers, we’re pretty sure you will too ;)

As Carl’s Jr.’s tagline goes, “it’s gonna get messy”. 

So, get ready to get messy, and enjoy!

For more info, visit! :)

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