Friday, 11 April 2014

Komugi Café - Japanese Bakery Café

Hmmm ~ if there’s any scent that can stop me in my tracks - it’s the smell of oven-

fresh bread and pastries.

Every day at Komugi Café, their chefs bake a variety of authentic, handmade 

Japanese breads, cakes and confectioneries using a combination of wholesome, 

natural and premium ingredients. 

Everything is baked daily to ensure their customers get to enjoy fresh and quality 


Komugi Café outlet at Subang Parade

Some of their must-tries are their Hanjuku Cheese (a delicious masterpiece made 

with select cream cheese, eggs and other ingredients to achieve a combination of 

delicate flavours and a velvety texture), Creamy Custard Krone (sweet, creamy 

custard piped inside a pastry, baked to crisp perfection) and Cookie Cream Puff 

(crisp outer layer, filled with a generous amount of fresh, rich custard) ~ Yum!

Check out their delicious display of bread, cakes and pastries:

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For more info, visit! :)

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