Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Worthy Book Team Go For Captain America!

After weeks of exhausting and challenging days at work, we, the Worthy Book Team took a day off to strike for Captain America. 

Well, sure we are also big fans of the movie and decided to give ourselves a break by watching this movie at GSC Cinema Tropicana City Mall.

Before entering the movie hall, we grab something for accompany us during the movie and for sure it is the popcorn! And I am sure we all agree that GSC offers the tastiest caramel popcorn right? 
Not only that, we have some soft drink, curry puff and meatballs too.

Worthy Book Team  meals for movie

Hey, like one said, a full stomach makes a happy heart. And we are really happy and enjoying the movie day!

Worthy Book Team Go for Captain America

We are among the early people who got into the movie hall. It’s pretty obvious that we can’t wait for the movie right? Look, we even managed to get a pose for all you too.

Done with movie, now we need to prepare ourselves to work harder afterwards to make sure you guys can have the best discount and voucher from us.

The hours spent together as a team totally great moments ever for each of us. 
Hopefully the team can create more memorable moments again, soon.

So, back to works guys. Don’t forget to have the copy of Worthy Book to enjoy fantastic offers! For more information, please go to www.worthybook.my

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