Sunday, 18 May 2014

f block – ‘Fast Fashion’ Style

It’s the time to get the best look with f block. Either you are funky 16, vogue 20, glamour 30 or even sophisticated 40; you can have it all here under one roof J

How about taking some time off to have some brand new clothes for your closet at f block?  Pretty sure you are gonna have some trouble limiting your choices :P

Take a look at the wide selections you may choose from. They have shirts, blouses, 
shorts, mini skirts, jeans, dresses and so on for you to choose from.

And guess what, they offer shoes too. For shoe lovers, you may check out f block shoes collections at their outlet which is trendy and fashionable either for office use or a friends’ day out.

On top of that, F block offers accessories too! From earrings, necklaces, bracelets, up to hair clips, hair bands, watches and even belts too.

Check out their payment counter!  They display some of their other products like clutches, fancy necklaces and more earrings and bracelets!  Simply means more options for us to look good right ladies? ;)

How could I resist from buying right? Plus, with my Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015 just makes my shopping in f block even more worth it! Who doesn’t love to shop and save at the same time, right? Grab yourself a copy of Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015 to enjoy the savings like I just did.  Yeay!

For more info, visit! :)

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