Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Gelatissimo – Authentic Italian Gelato

Indulge yourself and get an authentic Italian experience in town with Gelatissimo - the secret family recipe of premium gelato with these decadent mounds of delicious artisan gelato.

And guess what? They are at The Gardens Mall! 

The wide variety of gelato flavours from Gelatissimo offers more flavours than ice-cream and contains only natural ingredients. Look, these gelato are tempting and mouth-watering too!

What’s more, the gelato here has less fat which allows you to enjoy it without the guilt. Isn’t it great news?

What are you waiting for? Get a Gelato Cup, choose your flavour and have it your own way!

With a tempting array of smooth, hand-crafted, super premium gelato flavours made fresh in-store, you’ll have trouble choosing your favourite treat!

Check it out, Gelatissimo is featured in Worthy Book FnB Edition! Thanks to Worthy Book, I managed to get 30% discount off my gelato. I’m so thrilled. That’s not all, you may get other different discounts that are featured in the book. Looks like I’m gonna have Gelatissimo every time with my family and friends and that is all because of the super deals!

For more info, please visit www.worthybook.my.

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