Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Brotzeit – Mid Valley


Food has always been a major part of German culture. 

It has always celebrated the many regional variations of its food and beer. 

The north focuses on seafood dishes, dumplings and bean soups. The center has lots of breads, fruits and vegetables. In southern Germany, sausage, dumplings, potatoes, cakes and fruit are common. 

A few German foods are famous all over the world for their flavor and representation of German heritage.

Brotzeit has 3 outlets in KL: Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid and Bangsar Shopping Centre. 

Here’s the interior decoration of Brotzeit at Mid Valley Megamall outlet. The business working hours is from 11am-12am, and opens on Monday to Sunday.

Interior design of Brotzeit @ Mid Valley Megamall

Bar Counter

The interior décor is elegant, spacious and classy at Ground External Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall, with wooden benches, an extensive bar counter and a large mural of Bavarian life. Besides, the welcoming interior offers a touch of nostalgia.

For your information, “Brotzeit” means “bread time” in German, and this is usually paired with a pint or two of fresh beer where this is German culture. Würst (sausages), which is very well-known in Germany, is also one of the “Must” try dishes in Brotzeit.

Brotzeit Menu

Germans tend to eat heavy and hearty meals that include ample portions of meat and bread. There are various categories of food. Other than the appetizers, main courses and desserts, Brotzeit has special side dishes and soups as well.  Here are some pictures of their main courses, sausages and beer.  

Salmon with rockets

Weisswurst / Munich White Sausages

Salad with Salmon Sashimi

Paulaner Beer!

Brotzeit is ideal for an evening outing with friends, family or business associates.  

Brotzeit, is also a place that is recommended to enjoy a good time after work!  

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