Monday, 30 June 2014

Dinner at Zakuro Two.

If you have been craving for a good, affordable yet authentic Japanese cuisine, then head down to ZakuroTwo. A contemporary Japanese restaurant which you can find at The Scott Garden, not too far away from Mid Valley. :)

Take time and decide as you scan through the menu as there are various types of Japanese dishes you can savour from.

Being a contemporary Japanese restaurant, you can tell the interior was cosy enough for you to enjoy your meal with your family or loved ones.

We ordered the soba with sweet tofu as well as a dinner set, which comes with a fish (which was grilled to perfection), sashimi (consisting of salmon and tuna), fruits and Chawanmushi.  The best thing about the dishes at Zakuro is that not it is only fresh, yet it is full with flavour. The dishes are appealing and the taste is something you won’t be disappointed with. ;)

Zakuro’s Chawanmushi is perhaps one of the best you can get at a Japanese Restaurant.  Their egg custard is creamy and soft it just melts in your mouth. Definitely something you want to try out while at Zakuro Two.  :) 

A wide variety of fresh seafood served as the master chefs carefully prepare your ordered meal, to ensure you’ll go home with a happy tummy filled with goodness ;)  Looking forward to visiting again :)

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