Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Friday Celebration.

Cake and Bubble Teas! We sang and feasted along during this auspicious day for 2 of our fellow colleagues. An advance birthday celebration for our designer plus a farewell to one of our interns :) Nevertheless, it was a good day indeed!

Thirst quenchers from Ochado and a scrumptious Strawberry Chantilly cake from Bread Talk, thank goodness for Worthy Book’s FnB voucher book! Flip through to check out the great deals that both Ochado (buy 3 free 1 or 30% off 2nd drink) and Breadtalk (15% off) have to offer! ;)
You sure do not want to miss the experience of sipping on a cool beverage like Ochado. They have various flavours to choose from. Something to cool you off especially during this hot season ;) And oh yes! Bread Talk’s Strawberry Chantilly is delectable too! Talking about sinking your teeth into those fluffy soft cakes, makes you scream for “MORE!!”. And yes those fresh strawberries just made the cake taste so much better.

The Happy Ladies with their cakes and drinks!

And what is a party without a group photo huh? 
(Part of the Research & Marketing team)

We hope that both of our colleagues, Kelly and Siti (we’ll miss her laughters and nasi lemaks!), had a great time! :)

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