Friday, 20 June 2014

KOMUGI – Japanese Bakery Café

Wanna try a wide assortment of authentic Japanese breads, cakes and confectioneries? Then head over to Komugi Café!

Just spotted Komugi at their latest outlet which is Main Place Subang. The outlet is spacious enough to serve mouth watering and tempting pastries for all.

 See guys? Komugi produces over 80 types of oven-fresh breads, 40 types of handmade Japanese cakes, as well as other pastries like cream puffs and coronets where they bring you a true slice of Japan, baked daily!

Look at the variety of cakes. They have the strawbery cheesecake, original mille crepe, mango mousse, tofu cheesecake, praline chocolate gateau, choco banana, black sesame praline and many others for you taste.  I could not stop staring at these fancy desserts!

Not only that, their eye-catching colorful macaroon surely tempts you right? No doubt its gonna taste as good as it looks! (pssttt: Worthy Book FnB Edition 2013/2014 gives you the deal buy 5 free 1 macaroon! Yeay!!)

Hey, did you know that Komugi is featured in Worthy Book FnB Edition 2013/2104 Edition? Ha, another reason for you to try these authentic Japanese pastries and confectioneries. My choice for a kick start at Komugi is their Honey Pumpkin and Cherry Brioche. The fresh ingredients used totally enhance the authentic flavour and for sure I will come back for more!

Surely a cup of cappucino and Furutsu will complete the meal! The smooth creamy taste of cappuccino totally made my day. Furutsu is a fresh fruit juice with purified oxygenated water and it’s surprisingly tasty given its health benefits!

With Worthy Book FnB Edition 2013/2104 you may enjoy the furutsu with your friend at 50% off for the second furutsu purchased.  I saved RM5++ for a Sashay Me and a Mini Skirt :D

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