Monday, 30 June 2014

Lunch with Belanga.

So have you been craving for some authentic Malaysian cuisines for a really long time! ;) Well wait no more!  Visit Belanga, Home to the most authentic Kelantanese dishes in the Klang Valley. Now one won’t have to travel to Kelantan to savour their mouth-watering dishes when now you can get it in Belanga ;)

You can learn a bit or two of things inside Belanga,especially from their interior. You could see traditional equipments of all sorts. A “mangkuk tingkat” (stacked lunch  carriers) is clearly seen at the background. Trivia :  During the olden days, Kelantanese would pack their lunch into their “mangkuk tingkat”. Which they would enjoy during lunch time :) How convenient huh?

Check these mouth-watering dishes we ordered! For those of you who have never tried Nasi Kerabu before, it is basically rice served with fresh shredded cucumber, spicy chilli paste with toasted shredded coconuts, salted egg and a choice of side dishes. At Belanga, you could choose from 3 sides dishes of grilled beef or fish or the delicious “Ayam Percik”.

Be sure to bring your Worthy Book’s FnB edition to enjoy Belanga’s great deals!

We got a free dessert of the day! Oh the dessert was delectable indeed! The creaminess of the coconut milk mixed well with the brown sugar, which made it the best dessert we had so far! ;)

Everyone had a great time and we will definitely be back for more during the Ramadan period :D 

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