Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tedboy Bakery - Bangsar Telawi


Last weekend, I was wandering round Bangsar area to look for a place for something light and chillax. And lo and behold, I spotted a gem - TEDBOY Bakery!
They are located at Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar Baru (as well as Bangsar South).  I decided to try out their pastries and coffee.

Tedboy Bakery @ Bangsar Baru

The surrounding is very nice and green with all those plants outside the café.
The café also looks artistic, clean and tidy. They put on display their wide range of pastries, cakes, breads etc over the counter and for easy ordering. Well, it does look tempting to me!

Tedboy Bakery

Tedboy Bakery

Look, a baby on the wall!  The photos chosen by the bakery is so adorable and cute. I am sure it will bring smiles and joy to all the patrons at the bakery.   Did you know, all unsold pastries are donated to orphanages/old folk homes daily?

So cute!!!

I ordered a green tea latte and I definitely didn’t regret ordering this drink as it is so smooth with creamy touch. Tastes as good as it looks!
But of course, I am enjoying the latte with my favourite voucher book, Worthy Book FnB edition. Don’t want to miss out the great deals of course!

My green tea latte with Worthy Book.

Wow! Discount! Yeay.  
I have got 20% off on total dine-in bill using Worthy Book FnB edition. Isn’t that great?

Will check out their sourdough, butter croissant, strawberry shortcake next time!  For more information, please visit

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