Thursday, 19 June 2014

5 Bubble Teas to try out in Klang Valley

Let’s face it, we Malaysians love our Bubble Tea so much that the minute you turn around, Bubble Tea kiosks are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere! So we have listed down the 5 Bubble Teas in Malaysia you must check out! (IMHO).

Home to the most favourable flavour of all time the “Strawberry Pudding Au Lait” and that is how Chatime has won my heart. What makes Chatime interesting is that there are tons of varieties of flavoured tea to choose from. And if you have the habit (like myself) to scan through the long menu, it’s all worth it.  Not a fan of tea but still want to experience the whole “bubble tea” craze? Fret not, Chatime also serves fruit smoothies and also iced coffee!

Gong Cha is definitely one of the bubble tea hubs that I will search for to quench my thirst. Personally, if you’re a huge tea fan like myself, well Gong Cha is your answer as their freshly brewed iced tea is soooo refreshing! I would usually go for their “Gong Cha Signature Oolong Tea”. Talking about the epitome of revitalizing :)

Check out the queue here at Share Tea! Who would want to miss those incredible flavoured bubble tea right? Well especially when you have Eric Tsang, the talented Hong Kong actor, as the ambassador for this renowned brand. Check out their Handmade Taro Fresh Milk tea, does that intrigue you enough? Well if so, do grab a cup. 

Never would I think that adding ice cream into your bubble teas would be so good! Ochado has come up with their latest ice cream series. A unique way to satisfy your taste buds or perhaps adding a new experience to your taste buds huh? ;)

Whenever “Cool Blog” comes to my mind, the sight of the big pink stall puts a smile on my face instantly!  HAHA, never have I seen a colourful yet bold bubble tea hub before that provides the cutest drinks ever. Cool Blog offers varieties of Malaysian desserts into their bubbleteas! Cool indeed haha ;) Check out their Chendol, Teh Tarik, Bandung and Cikang flavoured tea, wouldn’t want to miss that for sure! J

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