Wednesday, 25 June 2014

5 Foodie Places to Chillout in Klang Valley

Looking forward to places to just chill? Well luckily enough in Klang Valley there are plenty of cozy spots for you to just lay back, tune in to some music while sipping on your cup of latte. Because here are your 5 Places to Eat, Chill & Hangout :)

*whispers* In No Particular Orders :)

You can really tell a place by its interior and exterior of the location.  Tucked in Kampung Pandan, Caffeinees, a bungalow with white décor, is definitely the epitome of “cosiness” when it comes to their ambience, the true meaning of “comfort” as you savour their dishes. Here in Caffeinees, you can really “put your feet off the ground” for a second and just chill.   Do try out their Caribbean Salmon Fettuccine!


Friday nights are perfect to let your hair down while sipping on the finest quality of wine, in the most luxurious modern French classy yet private hang out place. Connoisseurs Lounge is ideal for those who appreciate finer things in life. Sing your hearts out in their private karaoke room or simply indulge in their collection of cigars in their Cigar Room.  You can even go play golf as it is situated in KL Golf & Country Club!

A simple weekend gathering with few friends in a most cozy yet laid back hang out places at House, is always a great idea. Indulge yourself into their finest fusion dishes as you blend into with the most comfortable ambience around. Looking for a place to chill this weekend around KLCC area? Then come and chill out at House at G Tower!  A favourite is their unique Satay Pizza!

When I think of Delicious, it is always the desserts that catch attention. Personally I would always go after the Brownies and Vanilla Ice-Cream. Warm chocolate brownies with gooey oozing chocolate sauce topped with cold ice cream.  It’s like a party in your mouth! An ideal way to spend your day with close friends and family. Ambient music playing in the background as you savour their mouth-watering dishes such as the BBQ Short Ribs or even chow down with their Homemade Mafaldine with Chargrilled Chicken. Everything is delicious at Delicious! :)

Oh another hipster-ish place to check out!” Basically what most of us would say if we were to bump into a café or restaurant that has some sort of artisan or rustic ambience. Yes, Plan B is on your list. At Plan B, you could definitely witness the unique yet creative interior setting of the restaurant.  Chill out with a cup of latte and some great dessert like the Almond Toffee Bar or even the caramel bar.   Trivia - the original creator of Delicious came up with Plan B (thank God!).

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