Monday, 23 June 2014

Worthy Book Team’s Edmund & Nurul’s Birthday Celebration

It was a mixture of happiness and touchy feelings as we celebrate our beloved colleagues’ birthday and farewell party. It was a day to remember, but a day to never forget for our two good colleagues indeed. 

Surprises from them! XD

Edmund & Nurul. Let's put a smile on those faces. :)

We feasted on buckets of KFCs and ordered a scrumptious cheesecake from Purple Monkey to celebrate the day for the two. 

Oh, did I mention how delicious the cake I had from Purple Monkey is?  Yeah it’s that good till I had to type it twice! 

Purple Monkey Cake.

Purple Monkey blueberry Cheesecake! Yummmmm~

Oh the soft creamy blueberry cheesecake, I can still taste it as I type this hehe! 

Here’s a trivia for you dessert lovers out there especially, Purple Monkey promises you the true luxury of experience as you take the first bite of their cheesecakes. 

Nope, they are not like every other cheese cakes you have had at any ordinary bakeries. And nope, they are not the stale and dry sort, but the ones where you would like to swim in it and savour every bite and piece. 

Trust me it’s that good!! 

Besides Blueberry N Cheese as their bestselling flavour, Purple Monkey also came up with other yummy flavours that promise to tickle your taste buds! 

They are:

  •         Sinful Mango
  •         Toblerone Dark Chocolate
  •         Golden Durian and so many more!!

And guess what? With our Worthy Book voucher, you could instantly enjoy discounts on RM 20 off any cake! Yeah that’s right, ANY cakes that Purple Monkey has to offer! 

There is definitely nothing better to tempt y’all with a scrumptious cake that comes with a great deal from Worthy Book.  Yay!!

Makan Makan!


So the team had a great “makan” time as we talked while stuffing our faces with good food! 

WB Team! Yaaaayyy!!
 “Wait! Don’t eat all first, let’s take a selfie!”

Seriously, what sort of an event would leave everyone with a great memorable time without a group selfie huh? ;) 

Let us take a selfie ;)

Yeah see, you can tell from our faces right that it was one great amazing day ;) 

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