Sunday, 27 July 2014

10 Fast Food Restaurant in Klang Valley you MUST visit!

Some days you really just want to stuff yourselves with the juiciest burgers or crunchy chicken tenders. And here are the 10 awesome Fast Food Restaurants in the Klang Valley to check out (IMHO):

Home to the ultimate juicy yet succulent Mushroom Melt! with their made to order concept, it definitely preserves the juiciness of every meat.  Their slogans “Our patties are square because we don’t cut corners” and “quality food, made fast” say it all!

When KFC meant “It’s Finger Lickin Good”, they really mean it and you got to believe it.  It is basically every Malaysian’s favourite fast food chain when it comes to serving delicious mouth watering chickens. It’s no wonder everyone keeps coming back for more since they first started in 1973.  Their breakfast option - cheesy bun puts a smile on my mornings J

At subway, not only they serve you the freshest ingredients, but it is healthy too! You can tell while the sub makers prepare your subs right before your eyes while choosing the toppings and sauce for your sandwich. Know your days, because at Subway they offer you the “Sub of The Day” for you to enjoy a great deal.  Their cookies are to-die-for :D

A D-I-Y sort of fast food restaurant sounds pretty fun eh? Because at Pepper Lunch, that is where you can have the total control on your meals! What is more appetizing than waiting for your food to cook on hot iron plates right before your eyes?  

If you love your burgers charbroiled, then Carls’ Jr. is no stranger to you. With their famous juicy yet mouth watering burgers (Have you seen the size of their burgers?!), you definitely can satisfy your hunger pangs with this one right here.  True to its slogan, “It’s gonna get messy”.   Their seafood burgers are equally good!

A newcomer to Klang Valley but expanding rapidly! Juicy yet tender - these are the most ideal way to describe the fried chicken at Texas Chicken!  The chicken portions are slightly bigger than its competitors, but while being similar to KFC, we like their unique honey muffin and free flow of drinks!

Another relatively newcomer to Klang Valley!  Dining in with good food while witnessing the staff members grooving to the 50’s music while delivering your milkshake is really entertaining! Be sure to check out their spectacular burgers to wow your taste bites.

When it comes to Burger King, it is always the “Whopper” that comes to mind.  The meats are grilled and cooked to perfection to maintain and ensure the juiciness and tenderness.  Their prices seem to have been adjusted compared to before, to be more affordable to everyone (hooray!). 

It is actually hilarious to think that the fast food restaurant had to do with our very own childhood cartoon character Popeye himself. Well actually it is not! Popeye’s mashed potatoes are well known for it’s taste, which also comes with different flavours such as the Cajun flavour.  Their fried chicken is crunchier than its competitors. 

McDonald’s has been around in Malaysia for ages! With over 300 outlets across Klang Valley, there is no way you could miss one wherever you go. And guess what? Everyone’s favourite grilled chicken Burger (GCB) is now finally here to stay for good. Now you don’t have to wait for the season to come till they release their famous GCBs. I’m lovin’ it indeed ;)

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