Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Badminton with WorthyBook

As we bid farewell to the most anticipated event of the year, the World Cup, Worthy Book team decided to have their own “World Cup” for a night! Badminton style ;)

So the minute the clock struck 6, last Friday the team decided to pack up & head down to Challenger Sports Centre, Petaling Jaya. The night is still young as the team unpacked their equipments, stripped into their sports gear and start to warm up.

The moment we entered the court, spotlights and seeing other teams’ excitement, a gush of adrenaline filled us up making each of one of us excited to start the game!

I’ll leave you guys out with the pictures below to do the talking ;)

Kelly giving Su Hee & Vino a quick tip before starting the game ;)

Introducing our very own in house Dato’ Lee Chong Wei ;)

It’s time to sweat it all out with much needed Badminton session with the gang after weeks and weeks cooped up in the office. 

As you can see here, these are Worthy Book’s most promising stars of last Friday’s game. Reckon we should send them for the next SEA Games perhaps? :D

                                                Man down! I repeat Man down!

A little fall does not seem to dampen our Star of the night’s spirit. He’s not done yet, there he goes rockin it! ;D

So it was the last round, judging from the picture it was blurry because the ladies’ team was quick and swift! Faster 5 more minutes before we wrap it up!

Cheers, bruise, sweat and laughter to wrap things up in one night. Everyone had a great time, a much needed recreation time as a team is all we need to re-energise ourselves.

All in favour for a second round say “Aye!”  ;D

As we conclude last night’s event, here’s Vino strumming her “guitar” as she serenade us with her sweet melody that night. ;D 


P/S Check out those Bumble Bee socks Vino got there ;)

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