Tuesday, 5 August 2014

5 Taiwanese/Hong Kong Desserts in Klang Valley not to miss!

Why travel far all the way to Taiwan or Hong Kong just to get your favourite desserts when you have plenty of them here, on our shores. So lucky for you, Taiwanese or Hong Kong desserts fans, now you can grab some at your nearest shopping mall or neighbourhood!

One of the earliest to kickstart the Taiwanese Dessert culture in Klang Valley, Snowflakes’ came up with various fresh toppings like fresh cut mangoes, homemade grass jelly, taro balls and various bean toppings you can choose from. Which of course you will definitely have a hard time deciding. ;)

The name says it all. Yes, you can definitely get the freshest ingredients in Meet Fresh’s desserts. Try out their famous homemade traditional Tofu Pudding which is simply delectable! It is so soft, it simply melts in your mouth. It is that good and most of their ingredients are 100% homemade! :)

When it comes to BlackBall, you know you can definitely get the freshest ingredients for your desserts here. The famous “Xian Cao” (black jelly) and the yam “balls” are traditionally made using the finest picked ingredients. This not only guarantees the customer on the healthy ingredients but the desserts are so flavourful and no preservatives are added. I would highly recommend their signature dessert, the “Golden Sweet corn Delight”.

The popular Hong Kong dessert has finally made it to our shores. The most talked about Hong Kong desserts have a wide variety of interesting flavour for their customers to choose from! Durian lovers will definitely find their “Tracka Durian Snow Ice” a favourable one as they use various types of durian in it. Aside from that, their black sesame paste is also awesome!

If you truly enjoy fruits in your desserts, then Hui Lau Shan (probably the most famous in Hong Kong), is your answer. I would definitely recommend this dessert to everyone as you could balance up your Vitamin C intakes with their “Mango Carnival” series desserts. Ever wonder how does a mango pancake taste like?  Well then, head down to your nearest Hui Lau Shan store to try it out ;)

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