Thursday, 21 April 2016

Goodbye Ecoparadise @ The Gardens

The end of last month sadly saw the goodbye of Ecoparadise @ The Gardens Outlet and some of you were upset to see it go, even more so to think that your Worthy Book coupons were now void....FEAR NOT! Ecoparadise actually have several outlets, so grab your Worthy Book and head down to one of them to claim your freebies and discounts!

Here's a little insight into what they do...

Using breakthrough techniques from Japan, the Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy assists in keeping your body healthier and younger by creating an environment for your body to absorb antioxidants to counter the harmful effects of free radicals.

Tucked away from bustling shoppers and brightly lit stores, Ecoparadise’s reception area immediately transports you to a tranquil, serene setting.

Upon arrival you are greeted by kind staff who give a brief introduction to what hot bed therapy is and what benefits it has been recognized to have. Fresh robes and towels are on hand on the way to the changing area. As you pass the treatment rooms the therapist will point out the hotbed rooms and explain how to get the best of the session. It is a unique place for you to relax yourself for 40 minutes per session with antioxidant rich hotbed therapy rooms.

The hot bed room itself is maintained at 42°c - 45°c by a hot water circulatory system infused with antioxidants. To begin with, laying on the ceramic hot bed floor may feel quite uncomfortable as the tiles feel too hot to touch with bare skin but as you acclimatize to the room it becomes very relaxing and therapeutic to lay in the heat and feel your skin empty itself of toxins and impurities. Believe me you will sweat a lot.

The hotbed room

After 40 minutes of hotbed therapy, you will proceed to the resting room and will be served with energy drink (samurai drink).

For first time users it is suggested to stay for only 30 minutes rather than the full 40-minute session however, time passes quite quickly and if you feel comfortable enough then stay for the whole session.

Post treatment you'll feel relaxed and refreshed, skin visibly glowing.

Click here for a full list of known benefits.

The Verdict:
Definitely recommended! This is such a relaxing and beneficial session. The staff members are so helpful and understanding and the facilities are so calming.

All vouchers are included in Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2015 – 2016. Other offers for Ecoparadise include:
  •  50% off for 1 session of Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy
  • BUY 1 FREE 1 Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy at RM30 only
  • 50% OFF for 1 month Membership Package

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