Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tried & Tested: Celebrity Fitness

Celebrity Fitness, Mid Valley Megamall

Fun and flashy, you can't miss Celebrity Fitness's recognisable exterior when you get to the 3rd floor of Mid Valley. Once inside, the fun continues with the bright colour scheme and smiling faces of the staff members welcoming you at the desk.

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I took a friend with me to try this place out, we used 2 of the FREE premier gym membership coupons. The staff recognised our coupons straight away and asked us to take a seat while we waited a few minutes for our personal fitness adviser.

After filling in a short form we were led by our fitness adviser - David - to the In Body analysis machine where it took just a few minutes to electronically assess multiple aspects of our body composition. David then gave us each a printed copy of our results. He used these printed copies to assess us individually and offer advice and information specific to our body type.

In Body analysis results
In Body analysis results

As my friend and I had quite different results it was a good opportunity for David to demonstrate his knowledge and assure me he wasn't just giving out generic information to everyone, the analysis really is tailored. What was useful was that he didn't just explain our body types either, he also went on to outline a training programme to follow in order for us to achieve our individual fitness goals.

The gym is open plan and well equipped

With our new found knowledge on what suits us best, we picked up towels and temporary locker swipe cards from the desk and headed to the changing rooms. It's worth noting the lockers here are spacious and secure so perfect for a post-work gym session. The changing rooms and available shower facilities are abundant so no worries about freshening up post-workout either.

There are plenty of machines available, even at peak times
The gym itself is very open plan with plenty of machines and areas to work out. I went at the end of my working day (around 18:00) throughout the week and had no problem getting on any of the machines I wanted to without having to wait.

The Verdict
Overall, the verdict is a good one! Congrats Celebrity Fitness Mid Valley on your top customer service and great facilities. I liked it enough from my first session to make full use of my 5 day membership and I'm considering getting permanent membership!

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