Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Meet the Intern!

This is the first post about our intern. This week we are going to feature Ayu, who had left Worthy Book and we are starting to miss her.

So, this post is dedicated to her.


  • Ayu Farzana


  • Institution : Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  • Major : Diploma in English  

Why you chose Worthy Book as your internship site?
  • Because it’s related to publishing. As based on the YouTube videos, it seems interesting. Also, the fact that it consists of young people, and how they are open to new ideas.

Which area did your internship focus on?
  • PR, sales, event.

What were your responsibilities at WB?
  • E-mail companies, call/whatsapp person in charge to follow up.
  • Sell voucher booklets at roadshows.
  • Find brands for Ladies Edition, and UMobile (3 per week).
  • Help to e-mail brands to feature their coupons on Malay Mail every week.
Favourite part of the job?
  • Meeting new people during roadshows. The office is pretty chill and so are my colleagues.

What was your favourite memory/experience during your internship?
  • I had a good experience during roadshows, as it made me realize how hard it was to be a good salesperson. I learnt to persuade customers and also to attract them to our booth.
  • I know it sounds quite simple, but I have also learnt to write proper and formal e-mails and holding phone conversations with people I’ve never met.
Which vouchers have you used so far? Any favourite merchants or outlets
  • Celebrity Fitness. Hehe.

  • Ayu has her own theme song here. It is Faded by Alan Walker. “Where are you (Ayu) now?
  • Ayu likes Durian Cheese Cake. Do send her some Tedboy Bakery.

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