Thursday, 14 July 2016

Monthly Outing @ Monkey Bar

Outing, yeah!
It was slightly after 4pm on a pleasant Friday and the Worthy Book team was chilling at the Monkey Bar at Taman Danau Desa.

How could they leave work two hours earlier?

“Because it is the monthly outing!”

Everyone was filled with excitement.
After a few glasses of beer, some of the guys went into the bar to play darts while the ladies remained on their seats and played cards after someone managed to borrow a deck of cards from the bar.

 Put on your poker face!
Throwing darts.

What are they looking at?

Eventually, someone started to fool around by mixing Tabasco, pineapple juice and beer. An “unlucky” draw was started.
The victim was chosen based on the cards distributed. For instance, in the first round, the person who got an Ace card was punished to drink that nasty blend. Each round, a different card symbolizes the punishment.
Look who is here?

Ken (one of the co-founder) was seen playing cards and having a merry time with the others.
Ken at the left, holding his beer bottle

The flavoured pizzas served were aesthetically pleasing and tasty. Yum!

Overall, the outing was fun. The Worthy Book team had a chance to relax, chill and bond with each other during that Friday night.

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