Wednesday, 13 July 2016

This Week We Ate... @ Komugi

Komugi’s logo. 
We bought Creamy Custard Krone from Komugi’s Mid Valley branch using the Buy 1 FREE 1 voucher from our very own Worthy Book FnB edition voucher booklet.

2 Creamy Custard Krone at the price of RM5.10, isn’t wonderful?

One out of our four Komugi's vouchers.
The krone is coated with a layer of castor sugar. Once we took a bite, the cool custard within it quickly exploded in our mouth, covering our taste buds. It was a soothing sensation especially in hot weather.

The lovely krone.
The pastry was crisp and light, it has a slight buttery flavour in it but not too overwhelming.

Furthermore, it is not oily! The pastry melted within a few seconds in our cavity as custard dissolved instantly. 

We would say the only area of improvement for this krone is the size. It would be fantastic if it is bigger.  J

Do try them out! 
Head to Komugi’s website, check out the nearest branch for you!

Head to Worthy Book’s website, if you are interested to own a copy of Worthy Book FnB edition.
In our Worthy Book FnB Edition, we also offer three other offers asides from above,
[FREE 1 Hanjuku Cheese (with minimum spending of RM20 in a single receipt)]  
[FREE 2 Macaroons with purchase of any slice cake OR roll cake]
[BUY 5 Breads @ 10% OFF]

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