Friday, 29 July 2016

This Week We Ate… @ Madame Waffle

Madame Waffle is a Japanese style franchise café that serves freshly baked premium Belgium Liege Waffles and aromatic coffee and tea.

Our group of interns had tried them out, and here are their comments.

According to Chai Ying, the coffee and latte art can compete with other hipster cafés. She also loved the green tea waffle.

Look at the latte art! <3

Zoe, another intern said that she adored the blueberries waffle. She added on that the whipped cream is a perfect touch to the waffle.

Edwin, our sales intern said he preferred the cinnamon waffle as the blueberries waffle was too sweet for him. Despite it being late at night, he still drank the Rose Latte as he could not resist the aroma.

Hence, in total, the interns had used 2 vouchers from the F&B edition, which are the second and fourth vouchers as shown from the photo below. The offers consist of FREE 1 Classic Waffle of your choice when you purchase any Premuim Waffle Series offer and the Buy 1 Free 1 Coffee offer.

They purchased one Premium waffle, a blue cream cheese waffle (RM11) and a classic waffle, cinammon waffle (RM6.90). Besides that, they also ordered a cup of Rose Latte (RM10.50).

In total, they only spent RM28.40 but they received two FREEBIES: Free Matcha Waffle (Classic) worth RM6.90 and Free Latte worth RM9.50.
So, be as smart as our interns, save wisely using our Worthy Book F&B edition!

Head to to grab them while stocks last!

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