Monday, 1 August 2016

Meet the Intern!

In this post, we would like to introduce Khas!

·         Khaswaran a/l Yasotharan
Currently studying:
·         ADP (finance and marketing)
Why WB?
·         Worthy book has the best potential and exposure for students to explore the world of marketing.

Which area is your internship focused on?
·         Sales.
What are your responsibilities?
·         I am required to approach clients and to follow up with the progress of the project.
Favourite part of the job?
·         The casual attire and the freedom to use the internet to gather information needed.
What have you learnt so far?
·         So far I have learnt a lot. For example, I have learnt that patience plays a big role in a marketer’s life and method of approaching clients are very important.
·         Other useful knowledge earned such as how to gather information and how to approach and reply clients.
Which vouchers have you used so far? Any favourite merchants or outlets?
·         Gelatomio, The Cocoa Trees and Choo Choo Chicken.
·         Most outlets have very high ratings in my opinion as I feel that the selected outlets that are featured in the voucher have their own class.
·        Our first impression of Khas is that he is an introvert who does not interact much. However, after a while, we realise that he has a good sense of humour.

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