Friday, 28 October 2016

Meet the Intern!

      (Zoe) Teng Cheng Ching

Currently studying:  
      Bachelor of Media and Creative Studies (Hons): Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Why WB? :
      I wanted to expose myself in the field of Sales and Marketing.

Which area is your internship focused on? :
      Sales & Marketing.

What are your responsibilities?
      E-mail companies, call/whatsapp person in charge to follow up for Ladies Edition.
      Help to e-mail brands to feature their coupons on Malay Mail every week.
      Help to liaise and collaborate with brands.
      Did content Writing.
      Help to handle Worthy Book's FB & Instagram.
      Did research for the company.
      Help to handle online store for the company.

Favourite part of the job?:
      Free Breakfast & casual attire!

What have you learnt so far?:
      I've learnt to write proper and formal e-mails and holding phone conversations with people I’ve     never met.
      I've also learnt to approach and liaise with other brands and companies.
      Learnt to generate more ideas for campaigns
      Time management.
      Learnt to approach client with a proper way.

Which vouchers have you used so far? Any favourite merchants or outlets?:
      JuiceWorks! :D

      Zoe is a creative person as you can see from the FB & blog posts!

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