Friday, 28 October 2016

Meet the Intern!

   Tan Yee Ang

Currently studying:  
   SEGi Subang Jaya (Diploma In Mass Communication)

Why WB? :
   WB is a marketing company, I can gain more hands-on experience other than securing roadshows, such as the steps to publish a voucher booklet

Which area is your internship focused on? :
   Event/ Roadshow

What are your responsibilities?:
   Secure events/get a space of booth for our roadshow

Favourite part of the job?:
   Going to roadshow and interact with people.

What have you learnt so far?:
   Be more professional in negotiating and communicating with organisers.

Which vouchers have you used so far? Any favourite merchants or outlets?:
   Used: Kluang Station, Juiceworks, Shilin, Morganfield’s, Blackball, Sushi Tei.
Favourite merchants: Morganfield’s, cause I love spare ribs.


   Yee Ang is a quiet person but he is also a witty champ. 

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