Wednesday, 21 December 2016


6th December 2016

First of all, let’s welcome our new team members—Suanne, Vara, Nathiyaa, Kelvian, Wee Loong, Claudia and Sabilla!

December is never a metaphor for the end of the year—Worthy Book has brought some awesome little changes to the office!

A New Fridge & Christmas Tree

Working in the comfortable environment in which the pure tone makes you concentrate and feel at home at the same time; perfect temperature in the office which never makes you feel cold as you are always cared by warm hearts; modest pantry which has everything one desires...

And now, Worthy Book has a new fridge!

You could find anything you need in it: milk, kaya, butter, juice, fruits, pudding and anything else you need to freshen up during your tiring day! A Christmas tree had also been set up at the entrance to welcome holy, jolly, red & green Christmas! All of us are also wearing Christmas accessories, for example Christmas Hats, Reindeer Headbands and so on. If you like Christmas, Worthy Book could make you feel extremely “Christmasy”.

Weekly Sharing Session
The most attractive part is the Sharing Session which we will hold on every Friday! Everyone looked forward to it very much as this is the best opportunity to know each other better and build a solid rapport. If you feel insecure talking in front of people, don’t worry, we have beanbags which you could sit and chill, sharing your joy and sorrows, your highs and lows, your everything to all of us and we will be the best listeners.

During our first Sharing Session in December last Friday, we had a very cool and interesting ice-breaking session which we did an introduction of ourselves. After the introduction, a Q&A Session was opened to the floor! This is an exciting experience as you could never guess what your friends might ask. We shared our own hobbies and our opinion about some topics and from here, you will know whom is the one you need when you want to go for a movie, whom is the one you could go jamming with, whom is the one you could go with to hunt for delicacies in town…

Do you have the stereotype that the bosses are always bossy and far to reach? In Worthy Book, we will totally change your mindset as our leaders, Jia and Ken are very friendly but not frivolous, charismatic but not arrogant, hilarious but not losing elegance. They shared their adventurous career and their life motto—the CAN-DO attitude. They talked about how they came out with the idea of publishing voucher books and how both of them with limited manpower fought to get new brands and events to get their books published and sold. They motivated us to strive for the best during our career and taught us the right attitude towards our job and life. They also influenced us in a way where they show the right attitude in their own life as they did not give up while facing dilemmas in the process of expanding Worthy Book. They believe that if one tries their best to reach for success, they will eventually get to see the rainbow after a heavy rain.

They also suggested that during our path to the future, we are preparing ourselves to be the best of us. We should still do our best as we would not know how our future might be. Hence, while our luck comes, we are well enough to accept the challenges and carve out a niche of our own, just like how Jia and Ken did.

The Sharing Session rendered bliss and motivation among the team— apply the CAN-DO attitude in our daily life!

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